Wednesday, 18 May 2011

R.E.S.P.E.C.T for this ad.

Here's a nice simple one!


This screams out youtube as soon as you see it... ermm.. that's if you're familiar with the logo ofcourse. 
And if you get it, then you are Omantel's target in this ad.
Since its an Omantel ad + youtube then = this definately has something to do with speed or fast broadband connection.
There you go, I've done the math without reading anything so far, which means this megacom works in seconds.

For those who didn't get the ad. You might get the other ad in the campaign that mimics the Google logo.
I don't have a picture of that. Will try to find it and upload it.

Found it!!.... look at this  

Now I'm not too sure if this has been done before. I think it has been, I just don't have anything to prove it. So, for now, this wins. 
Simple, creative, straight to the point are the key words we should always look for in an ad.

Remember, creativity doesnt have to be complicated. 

Layout over all:  5/5
Colours: Youtube colours = can't touch it. 5/5
Font: Legible 4.5/5
Concept: 5/5 
Execution: 5/5

With design, SF.


  1. Hiya,

    It is good and fine as long as youtube or google doesn't decide to lay a nice lawsuit at omantel's doorstep. Probable cause in this case could be "images or depiction of images resembling our copyrighted colors and layout, prompting the viewer to construct said image(s) as copyrighted material".

    Or something like that! :)

  2. You are absolutely right. I thought of that too and doubted them taking permission from YouTube nor Google. But i guess both will never know about this campaign.