Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Now available in Arabic but in English!


Ok... Lets look at this then start analyzing

I'm speechless.

This so called "ad" has been done in an hour, ermm maybe less - to be fair ya3ni.
Do you see a concept?? Done done and over done with the phone msg trying to tell the reader something.

But the funny part is that this ad has been running in an English newspaper while the message is targeting Arabic readers. "our mobile banking services are now in Arabic".. Hmm?? I'm not saying that Arabic readers can't read English, but if they can read English why would they be applying for this service?

Design wise. No comment about the red swashes and jumping out text with black shadow.

BankMuscat *buzzer*, your new HQ is quality and so should be your advertising!

Layout over all:  1/5
Colours: 1.25/5
Font: Legible 2/5
Concept: (Is there one?) 
Execution: 1/5 (for applying the guidelines only)

With design, SF.