Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Salam and Happy Eid to all,

Right! So, went Eid shopping with my sister and entered a shop called Jeans West
She started trying on some jeans, while I was seated on the chair besides the changing room handling her different sizes, and so, I noticed this...

While the door was locked, she had her Denim Off

And while the door was unlocked; she had her Denim on, so it was fine to open the door.

Now seriously, how cool is this idea?! I absolutely LOVE IT! Although the production was cheap; it was printed on some home A4 paper and Impact was the font used, but who cares right now!? I'm fascinated by the idea and the way it was delivered; simple, clear, creative. 

Sometimes you don't need all the extra graphics and bits. Using your guideline's colours with some simple smart copy, makes a great attention grabbing design. 

Enough said. This made my day. I'm happy!

With design, SF.

Monday, 1 August 2011

"Just to provoke"

Hello all,

The whole mall is on sale. Isn't that wonderful news?! I can look for something new. Something new like SALE signs, window displays, ads, danglers... whatever! :D

Terranova is an Italian brand gone international for Clothing and shoe fashion. They have branches in London and France to name a couple.

Terranova is owned by some Lebanese in Oman. They've decided that this is the best way to go about their shop sale display design. According to what he said, they know exactly how to promote themselves.
Fair enough. Hands down. Now lets see what they did.

As you can see in the pic above. The owner was staring at me wondering why the hell was I taking pics. Then he approached me and asked, EXCUSE ME. WHY?!
- I criticize ads
= From what magazine are you?
- No magazine. I do this for my personal blog.
= Website?!
- Yes. website! Your window display is intriguing! 
= *chin up, very proud* Yes I did that on purpose. 
- but you're telling people not to enter!
= YES! I want to provoke people! 
- *confused face*  Aha! and did it work for ya? did it attract more customers? (knowing that the shop has always been empty with or without the sale sign!)
= *hesitant* Yes. Doing well. Yes.

Obviously not. The shop looks like its closing down soon. No one's buying anything that's why he's waiting outside.. Forget about buying. No one is IN the store to start with... errmmm, maybe coz the ad said DO NOT ENTER??

Ok YES! it is provocative.. That worked. It stopped me to take pics, but WTH man? Seriously, you should invite people in. Maybe  put sample of the clothes in the window? maybe UP TO 70% without the do not enter? 

Bottom line.. Just pay a few bucks for a proper ad, people!

With design, SF.

Layout over all:  1/5
Colours: 2.5/5
Font: Legible but old fashioned 3/5
Concept: 1/5 
Execution: 0.5/5