Friday, 9 September 2011

Arabic Laziness!


Went to Carrefour the other day for some grocery shopping. Found this roll-up banner on the way out.
Not bad. The msg is clear. The design is simple. The font is....... WHAT?!

Ok guys, I gave you credits for the design, clarity, legibility, and concept overall, but why isn't the Arabic font matching the English?
The English and Arabic copy are acting as a unit, which is great! Shouldn't the English and the Arabic fonts be the same in design since they both convey the same msg?

The English font is fantastic! You used some handwriting font on a post it, BRILLIANT and makes complete sense, but couldn't you copy the same for Arabic? It's easy to do on Illustrator; outlines the selected font, then start drawing those 1/4 hatches!

Nothing else to say. Obviously the main design concept was executed in English then the Arabic translation was added to it. "Call us we'll answer" is another example at the bottom of this same banner! The Arabic is just a passive font. Not as friendly and inviting as the english active font.

Bottom line, DETAILS MATTER.

With design, SF.

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  1. I have read one page of your blog so far, and my god i think it's great.. You have a great eye and u should have a column in a newspaper, especially an Arabic one for more people to read this stuff and start noticing details. Only way forward is when we expect higher standards .. Great blog and keep up the good work ..