Saturday, 26 February 2011

Frog legs!

Alright. Just to let everyone know that I dont look for bad ads to critisize them, but I also look for the good ones to give them some credit. However, the bad ones seem to stand out a bit more than any others. Maybe coz they're just BAD.

This is an ad for Hayyak (prepaid phone credit) from Omantel. To be promoted during the Muscat Festival 2011.

Lets start with the goods. Love the simplicity of the msg and font. I like how they put a hint of the festival at the back, no clutter, clear blue sky no clouds and a well styled up model. Festival = youth = jeans and jumper that match the climate at this time.

Moving along.. Now as soon as I saw this ad, my direct attention was to the frog legs! Isn't his jump weird?! I'm sure they took several shots prior to "frog legs" stage. Aren't there any better ones like the ones below? Something with more of a happy, dance, side shot jump? Something more attractive with closed legs?!!

"Look her in the eye. Tell her that you love her." Making good eye contact reflects self confidence and provides direction, authority and meaning to your conversation or msg. Models eye contact is a must in such ads to convince the reader. It gives honesty and sincerity to the msg. 

Now to closer details in bullet points.

No eye contact. Some unattractive facial expression 
and something hitting his face. Maybe he was hurt.

Some technical stuff seem to be going wrong here. 
Is he supposed to be holding the board?

So not attractive for an ad. Wear a faneela (vest) or ahhhh.. just not right man. 
Shave? Blur on photoshop?

Layout over all:  4/5
Colours: Boring 3/5 Not greatly festive.
Font: Legible 4.5/5
Concept: 3/5 
Execution: 2.5/5

With design, SF.


  1. Interesting observation. It seems he was falling instead of jumping.

  2. the problem is, this was a last mint job. As long it looks good, it would be enough, no need for that extra step, which am totally against it. AD do says a lot about the company, don't they realize it.

  3. Nice observations Sara..
    Well when I saw this Ad, first thing came to my mind is his right hand and how bad it looks, a total photography/editing failures.

    Cant agree more on the other points, but just another observation, I don't think that they actually had a real photo shoot for this particular Ad, I guess they have bought a stock image from the net, thats why they couldn't make him grab the board in right way !

    Anyways, am loving this blog, congratz and thanks a lot for the effort :)
    I believe you should write on Ad-renaline as well their blog is dead now :S

  4. AtGm.. Thanks for commenting. You might be right about the falling!

    Stealth_snake.. I agree with you. Even a last minute should look good. Just a better selection of image would solve it here.

    Imad.. I dont know if this was a real shoot or not. Whatever it is, I'm sure stock images have better jumping images like the ones I attached above. It's a matter of taste.
    Thank you for the support. Keep following. I'm sure Ad-renaline has its own experienced writers and critics.

  5. I agree with the simplicity even though it's not perfect.

    The shown part of his body (the guy's belly) is just gross.

    I am pretty sure the designer of this ad didn't spent half the time you did writing about it or the time taken by the readers commenting here, it's really ridiculous. We are giving them a higher value than they deserve (if. they. deserve. any. )

    Regarding the model, has it comes to your mind that it may just be a stock photo taken from some random stocks website? it's the first thing came to my mind as Imad has pointed out. Well I couldn't resist but to investigate from where they have taken this "wrong-choice" stock and I found it here:
    (check the similar stocks on the right of it, any one from them would do better)

    I think they would do a better ad with this stock photo:

    Maybe they were just inspired by this splashy design

    Who knows?

  6. Hey great! You actually googled up the image. Haha.. I knew it would be there on some site somewhere, its' just cheaper this way for advertising agencies.
    The second picture you sent me the balloons may actually not apply as well as the one they already have up or anything similar coz of his dress code. I see what you mean though.. We can remove the balloons and use the jump. You are right. BTW .. I saw this ad today, and took a picture of it to show you that the balloon dude has actually been used in another ad in Muscat ;) I can't post a picture here.. but i'll tweet it to you.

    Thanks for commenting and keep on following :)

  7. The first thing that hit me is how a big company like om dare to use a stock instead of doing it right? That's why I searched for the stock to make sure first if it is a stock or not before judging it and as you can see, unfortunately it is!

    Second thing ok if you want to use a stock photo but choose a good one!

    Regarding the balloons pic I was more sarcastic than really mean it. I meant "even that" would do better than that crappy froggy guy.